Keeping children safe on others’ properties

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As parents, guardians, and caregivers, we’re constantly on alert to protect our young ones from harm. However, when stepping out into the world—be it a neighbor’s backyard, a local playground or a bustling shopping mall—we enter spaces that are not under our control. As adults, we must consider the measures we can take to safeguard our kids, as well as the responsibilities that property owners must uphold to prevent accidents.

Potential hazards away from home

Before we head out the door with our children, it’s essential to be aware of the various risks that can lurk on others’ properties:

  • Attractive nuisances: Unsecured features like swimming pools, trampolines or abandoned cars can attract children and pose serious risks.
  • Parks and playgrounds: Faulty equipment or poorly maintained surfaces can turn a fun day out into a trip to the emergency room.
  • Animal encounters: A dog bite or other animal-related injury can happen unexpectedly, especially if pets are unrestrained.
  • Retail risks: Slippery floors or cluttered aisles in stores can lead to falls and injuries.

These points highlight just a few dangers, but they remind us to stay vigilant and teach our children about safety when we’re not in the comfort of our homes.

When accidents happen

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen despite our best efforts. And when a property owner’s neglect contributes to an unsafe environment, the risks are amplified.

Property owners have a legal duty to maintain their premises to prevent foreseeable harm, especially when it comes to children. From ensuring that playground equipment is in good repair to keeping walkways clear and dry, these responsibilities are crucial in creating safe spaces for our little ones.

When people fail to take reasonable steps to keep their property safe for customers, licensees and invited visitors, they can be held accountable. If someone else’s negligence contributes to an injury-causing accident for your child, be sure to document the details of the incident, seek medical treatment right away and consider speaking with an attorney about a legal claim.