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What Is Product Liability?

Last updated on January 14, 2021

When a company makes or sells a product, you expect it to be safe, as long as you use it for its intended purpose. Companies have a duty to make sure their products are safe, with proper warning labels for any dangers they may pose. Product liability cases focus on damages caused by products with either a defect or dangerous design. Such cases tend to be highly technical and require legal experience and skill to handle.

At Cathey & Strain, LLC, we have decades of experience with product liability cases. We know how to pursue the damages you deserve. Although product liability statutes are slightly different from state to state, we handle cases nationwide from our office in Cornelia, Georgia. We have extensive experience with motor vehicle defects.

Connecting The Dots In A Product Liability Case

Product liability cases can involve complex issues of proof. You do not necessarily have to prove that the company or manufacturer was negligent, but you must show that the product had some sort of defect, and the defect caused the injury.

To show who is at fault for the defect or problem, we must examine the chain of distribution for the product, including designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Georgia follows a “risk-utility” test for design defect cases, and different standards of proof apply to different groups in the chain of distribution. We must put the sellers and retailers on notice of a claim immediately or we can lose the claim. There are time limits involved for bringing a claim.

At Cathey & Strain, LLC, we have a network of national experts in all fields with whom we consult about defects, feasible alternative designs and the manufacturing process. These cases involve issues of design, manufacturing, marketing and warnings or instructions for use. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements in a diverse range of product-related cases.

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