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You Have A Right To Feel Safe On Someone Else’s Property

When you leave your home, you have no reason to expect you may be injured on someone else’s property. In Georgia, property owners have a duty to keep their property safe, or warn visitors and guests of any dangerous conditions that exist. If they fail in this duty and you are injured on their property, you may have a premises liability case against them. You have the right to bring a cause of action against the owner in order to be compensated for your injuries.

At Cathey & Strain, LLC, we have been helping clients in Cornelia and throughout Georgia with premises liability claims since 1974. You can rely on our knowledge and experience with these cases to help you determine your best course of action to move forward with your personal injury claim. We will provide you with a personalized approach to achieving your legal goals.

Requirements For Recovery In Premises Liability Accidents

Although commonly referred to as slip-and-fall cases, injuries may occur from any type of accident. The extent and the likelihood of recovery from a premises liability case often depend on the status of the person who was injured. Customers, social guests, and trespassers each have a different standard of proof. Additionally, merely because someone is hurt on another’s premises, doesn’t mean they automatically have a case. We recommend that you take photographs early and be sure that any security films are preserved, which may require a letter to the owner or insurance carrier.

At Cathey & Strain, LLC, we employ highly credentialed professionals to analyze the defective conditions of the premises. This may involve OSHA or other regulatory investigations if the injury occurs at a work site or other special-purpose location. We also examine whether parties other than the property owner may be at fault for the accident. Addressing these issues properly is critical to a successful case.

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