Over eight million detergent pods recalled over defective packaging

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In 2017, Tide Pods became controversial on the internet when people on social media intentionally ingested liquid detergent products as part of a “challenge.” The trend gained notoriety after several kids and teens who copied the challenge suffered injuries.

Tide manufacturer Proctor & Gamble now fears a new generation of kids might start ingesting the detergent.

Proctor & Gamble has recalled approximately 8.2 million of its liquid detergent products. The company has learned that the packets the detergent is sold in may not be enough to prevent children from accessing them. According to the manufacturer, the packaging can split open near the zipper track, allowing kids to access and ingest the pods.

The company said that it has received no reports of injury cases directly related to the packaging defect. However, Proctor & Gamble has confirmed receiving four reports of children in the U.S. accessing the liquid detergent products, three of which saw the kids ingesting the product. It’s not known if these incidents involved defective packaging.

The recall affects Tide Pods, Gain Flings, Ace Pods and Ariel Pods produced from September 2023 to February 2024. Proctor & Gamble advises all consumers with recalled packages to secure them out of children’s sight and reach. Parents have also been advised to contact the company for a full refund and free replacement with a child-resistant bag.

The dangers of ingesting liquid detergent

Liquid detergent poisonings were dangerous during the Tide Pod challenge before, and they’re still dangerous today. Common symptoms of detergent poisoning include vomiting, coughing, choking, nausea, and drowsiness. The detergent can also cause chemical burns to the mouth, throat, and digestive tract. In severe cases, ingestion can result in coma, pulmonary edema (fluid buildup in the lungs), and even death.

Making a product liability claim

If your child has suffered injuries from ingesting detergent because the packaging wasn’t secure, you may have grounds for a product liability claim.

Manufacturers and distributors must ensure their products are reasonably safe for their intended use under Georgia law. If they violate these rules, consumers can hold them responsible for their injuries and claim compensation.

To file a product liability claim, you’ll have to act quickly and have enough evidence from the injury incident. A legal professional with personal injury case experience may be able to help you with this task and secure expert witnesses to support your claim.