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We Focus On Your Best Interests After An Injury

Accidents can happen under nearly any circumstances. Perhaps you’ve been injured in a car crash or suffered an injury after using a faulty product. No matter what caused your injury, the lawyers at Cathey & Strain, LLC, can help.

Put Our Decades Of Experience To Work For You

We know that the resulting damage from a serious accident can go far beyond broken bones and damaged property. A sudden injury can pull the financial rug out from under you, leaving you with debt from:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Long-term health care expenses

After an accident, you may be unable to work, either while you heal or permanently. Securing fair compensation from the party who caused the accident can prevent unnecessary financial hardship. We can help you secure a just settlement for your injuries and emotional distress.

Since our firm’s founding in 1974, our attorneys have secured more than $300 million in verdicts and settlements for injury victims throughout Georgia.

Fiercely Advocating For You

We have vast experience representing injury clients in a wide range of cases, from carnival accidents and police chases to prison injuries and airplane crashes. Our attorneys routinely work on injury cases stemming from:

  • Automobile accidents: Split-second decisions made behind the wheel of a car or motorcycle can result in devastating injuries that can affect your life for many years.
  • Medical malpractice and misdiagnosis: Although the adage calls on doctors to “first, do no harm,” a medical treatment designed to heal may sometimes result in injury, death or disability.
  • Product liability: If a product isn’t constructed properly, it can malfunction or break, harming people who unsuspectingly put it to normal use. This could include faulty seatbelts, unsafe toys and injuries involving industrial machinery or farm equipment.
  • Premises liability: Slip-and-fall accidents can occur on a sidewalk, inside a store or in an icy parking lot.
  • Wrongful death: A wrongful death caused by a careless or negligent act by another person can leave loved ones looking for answers.

If you were injured at work, we can refer you to someone who focuses on workers’ compensation claims. We also can potentially assist you with filing a suit against the company that made the faulty product or equipment involved in your injury.

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