What are the reasons behind distracted driving accidents?

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Once a driver looks away from the road, they have already committed distracted driving. Just a few seconds might be harmless, but those moments of lost focus could lead to crashes, injuries and deaths.

3 types of distracted driving

The most common type of distracted driving involves using a cell phone. But not all distractions are tangible.

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, these are the three types of driving distractions:

  • Visual: Using a cell phone by hand is a major distraction. Drivers tend to focus on their cell phones when texting, calling, sending emails, posting on social media and watching videos. Billboards and road signs may also distract drivers when they look at them for too long.
  • Cognitive: An example of losing mental focus is when drivers ponder about a personal problem. Another is when they worry too much about a work issue or daydream while on the road.
  • Manual: This pertains to whenever a driver removes their hand off the steering wheel, such as reaching for an umbrella or object in the glove box, console or by the front passenger door. They could also use their hands to eat or drink while driving.

Additionally, rowdy passengers can also distract drivers. They could cause visual distractions by having animated movements or showing their cell phones to the driver. They may also cause manual distractions when asking the driver to hand over something to them.

Seeking claims for various damages

Just as distracted driving has several facets, so does the damages that you may seek from a negligent driver. You could pursue compensation for your physical injuries, lost earnings and vehicle repairs. In some instances, you can file a claim for the mental stress and emotional torment caused by the unfortunate accident.