Why should you avoid violating the Hands-Free Georgia law?

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The Hands-Free Georgia law, also known as House Bill 673, aims to prevent distracted driving caused by mobile devices. Under the law, you cannot hold or support any electronic device with any part of your body while driving–including phones and tablets. To avoid the consequences of penalties and accidents, you must follow the rules set in place by this law.

Safe practices

Georgia enacted the Hands-Free law to ensure drivers stay safe and avoid distracted driving. As such, it is essential to follow these seven rules:

  1. Do not hold or support any device with any part of your body, including phones and tablets, while driving.
  2. Use no more than one button to answer or end a call.
  3. Do not text, email or use the internet while driving.
  4. Do not watch videos or take photos while driving.
  5. Use GPS and voice-to-text features (like Siri) only if the phone is mounted or secured in a way that does not require holding or supporting it.
  6. Use hands-free technology or a single earbud to make phone calls, but not both ears.
  7. Refrain from using your phone at a stoplight.

Mobile devices must be completely free from your hands and body. While there are exceptions to the law, it is crucial to follow these rules to avoid fines and points on your driving record.

Fines for violating the law

Violating the law can result in penalties that get worse for repeat offenders:

First offense: If you break the law for the first time, you will get one point on your license and a $50 fine.

Second offense: The fine and points will double for a second conviction, meaning you must pay $100 and receive two points on your license.

Third offense: If the police catch you for a third time, you will have to pay a $150 fine and the state will add three points to your driving license.

Avoiding these penalties means letting go of that bad habit of picking up your phone whenever a message appears on your screen. To keep yourself and others safe, put your phone down while driving and follow the law.