Food manufacturers recall fruit pouches over lead contamination

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Fruit pouches are convenient snacks for babies three years and under. The fruit and vegetable purees are easy enough to consume by babies and allow even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy their greens.

Parents would think these pouches only contain safe and healthy ingredients. But even fruit pouches occasionally have foreign matter or contaminants, just like any other food product.

Several food manufacturers have issued a recall of their fruit pouches after reports that potentially lead-contaminated products caused seven illnesses in five U.S. states.

Three companies – Schnucks Markets, Weis Markets and WanaBana – have recalled their cinnamon applesauce products because they contain dangerously high lead levels. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that eating the contaminated products could result in acute toxicity.

Retailers like Amazon, Dollar Tree and the grocery stores Schnucks and Eatwell Markets sold the products nationwide.

The FDA advised all parents and caregivers to stop buying and serving the cinnamon applesauce fruit pouches. The agency also announced expanding its investigation into the contaminated food.

The dangers of lead exposure

Lead poisoning can lead to severe health and developmental issues for children. Some adverse effects of lead poisoning include:

  • Brain and nervous system damage
  • Hearing and speech problems
  • Learning and behavior problems
  • Stunted growth

Experts have also warned that childhood exposure to lead can lead to long-term harm.

Parents whose children suffer from lead poisoning should seek immediate medical attention. Afterward, they should consider filing a defect product lawsuit against the manufacturer. No one should have to go through the pain of seeing their baby’s development stunted due to contaminated food.