3 ways to ensure toys are safe for kids

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Seeing your child’s eyes light up after handing them a new and exciting toy is priceless. Naturally, you want them to enjoy your gift, not to suffer harm because of it. However, not all toys for kids are risk-free. As a parent, keeping an eye on potentially dangerous toys can help you avoid a trip to the emergency room.

To help ensure your child’s playtime is fun and safe, here are three tips to consider when gifting toys to kids.

Check the contents and packaging

Manufacturers provide age guidelines, instructions and non-toxic indicators to help parents make informed decisions before allowing a child to play with a new toy.

Toddlers are always curious and one of the ways they learn about the world is by putting things in their mouths. Toys with small, damaged or removable parts could pose a choking hazard. Moreover, battery compartments should be secure as they can be particularly fatal if swallowed.

In general, it is critical to inspect the toy’s overall quality for anything that might cause injury, such as sharp edges, or that could be ingested, such as liquids or loose parts.

Supervise playtime

While giving a child a new toy can keep them busy, it does not mean you can keep your eyes off them. Children learn a lot by playing, but their curiosity can lead them to experiment with toys in many ways. They may want to pull things apart to see what is inside or throw them to see what happens.

By monitoring your child during playtime, you can better ensure they use their new plaything safely.

Verify if the toy has been subject to recall

Manufacturers often conduct product recalls when they learn of defects that pose a threat to consumers. In the case of children’s playthings, the cause is typically due to the presence of hazardous substances, choking hazards or other safety concerns.

A quick search on the internet could show you whether a toy is subject to recall. The manufacturer may provide a refund or a new unit if this is the case.

Unfortunately, some toys are only recalled after an incident happens. Should a defective toy cause harm to your child, you may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer for compensation.

Toys can be a way for children to develop new skills while having fun. However, they can also be dangerous, highlighting the importance of inspecting new toys and watching kids as they play.