3 summer driving dangers

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It’s summer and that means everyone is heading off to their favorite vacationing spot, enjoying the open breeze of the road and relaxing in the sun.

While this is a great time for a road trip or an evening outing, you likely shouldn’t dismiss the dangers of driving in the summer. Here’s what you should watch out for:

1. Using shades at night

Shades can be really useful to block out the sun and glare while driving. It’s sometimes easy for people to forget that they’re wearing shades, however. 

Drivers who have been on the road for hours may not realize that the sun is going down and they should take off their shades. Drivers who don’t take off their shades at night may have reduced visibility and trouble seeing other vehicles. 

2. Driving with sandals 

It’s common for people to wear something more comfortable on their feet when it gets warmer out, like sandals. Sandals can be a great way to beat the heat. But, sandals can also cause problems while driving. 

Sandals don’t typically provide the same traction as shoes and, as a result, they could slip off the brake while driving. Sandals are also often loose-fitted, which means they could catch onto the gas pedal and make it harder for vehicles to slow down.

3. Catching heatstroke

Heatstroke is a serious medical condition that people often overlook. Heatstroke is caused by too much exposure to the sun, overheating and a lack of fluids. Heatstroke can be sudden. Some drivers without working windows or air conditioners are at a higher risk of heatstroke.

If a driver suddenly experienced heatstroke, they could get dizzy and pass out. Dizziness can make it harder for people to focus on the road. Passing out would mean that a driver loses total control of their car.

Staying safe in the summer

While you’re practicing to be a safe driver, others aren’t. You could end up in an auto accident and need to learn your legal options. Getting the right help could benefit you if you need compensation for your injuries and losses.