How do you prove someone was texting before causing a crash?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Maybe you could clearly see the phone in their hands right before they hit you, or perhaps the driver who caused your crash admitted to you that they were texting before the crash.

Despite the fact that you know they were driving while distracted, they then deny the truth once police officers arrived at the scene. You know they were at fault, but you also need to convince the police, the insurance companies and possibly the courts.

You may feel like it is your word against theirs. However, there could be more conclusive ways to prove that the other person involved in a crash drove while distracted.

Police can request phone records

It only takes a few seconds for someone to delete messages from their phone, uninstall an app or hide their phone. However, whatever someone does with the device itself will not change the data stored by their cellphone provider or the company supporting the app.

Telling the police about your suspicions could lead to an investigation into their phone records that prove the other driver use their phone right before the collision. Traffic cameras can help too. There are traffic cameras at many intersections, as well as dashboard cameras in some vehicles and security cameras facing the road at some houses and businesses.

If there’s footage of the moments right before the crash captured by cameras, the images could prove your accusations. Once you can show that the other driver used their phone before the wreck, you will have an easier time holding them responsible for it. Filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit can be an option after a distracted driver causes a car crash.