Hendersonville accident kills local high school football coach

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Few people likely take to Georgia’s anticipating experiencing a car accident (let alone causing one). Yet typically car accidents are just that: accidents. They are often due to a mere moment of carelessness or inattentiveness on the part of drivers who (in almost all situations) consider themselves safe and responsible drivers.

The lack of intent that is typical in most car accidents, however, does little to change their outcomes. Sadly, those outcomes are often catastrophic, leaving accident victims and their families reeling by having to deal with them.

Marietta high school coach killed in collision

In some cases, the consequences of car accidents can affect entire communities. That appears to be the case after a popular high school teacher and football coach died in a collision with a work truck on Georgia Highway 92 in Douglasville. According to the local Fox News affiliate, the truck attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of the teacher as he approached on his motorcycle. The teacher did not have sufficient time to avoid the collision. First responders pronounced him dead at the scene. Local law enforcement authorities report that the truck driver now faces criminal charges for his role in the accident.

Criminal and civil liability for car accidents

The fact that a driver’s actions that contributed to a car accident were unintentional may not absolve them of criminal (or civil liability). Those affected by their actions may find themselves in need of compensation to adequately deal with them. Pursuing a civil claim can occur concurrently with a criminal prosecution. Successfully managing such an endeavor, however, can be complex. Thus, those hoping to do so may wish to first seek out the assistance of an experienced legal professional.