Know the signs of bad tires

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Depending on how far you drive, you expect new tires to last four or five years. Defective tires not only have a much shorter lifespan, but also put you and others on the road at risk for a serious accident.

Learn how to prevent a serious auto accident resulting from a faulty tire and learn how to seek legal recourse if an accident occurs.

Educate yourself about recalls

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has a website where car owners can search for their make and model numbers to learn about recalls. You can also search for recalls on your vehicle’s tires and set up an alert so you will find out right away if a tire recall puts your safety at risk. If the manufacturer does recall your tires, follow the instructions to get replacements right away.

Review signs of damage

Know how to identify a tire that has passed its useful life, even if you just got it a year or two ago. Signs to look for include:

  • Uneven or unexpected wear on the tire treads
  • An air pocket beneath the tread
  • The ability to pull the tire away from the sidewall
  • Bulges or cracks in the sidewall

If you get in an accident resulting from a tire blowout, the court could hold you legally responsible for the incident. On the other hand, if the tire is defective and you suffer a serious injury, you may be able to sue the tire manufacturer for legal damages. In Georgia, you have 10 years from the date on which the company first sold the product to sue for product liability.