What do you know about sharing the road with semi-trucks?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Perhaps you know someone who suffered an accident with a semi-truck while navigating Georgia’s roads and want to avoid the same fate. You have several decades of driving experience, but could you use tips for sharing the road with large trucks?

FleetNet America offers insights for driving alongside commercial motor vehicles. Learn how to stay safe and avoid unnecessary truck accidents.

Look out for blind spots

Maybe the person you knew drove in a truck’s blind spot, which triggers accidents occasionally. A truck driver’s right side represents the largest blind spot; others include the trailer’s rear and the space directly in front of the truck. If you cannot see the driver in the truck’s mirror, chances are, the driver cannot see you.

Become a defensive driver around trucks

While you should always drive defensively, that goes double around large trucks. Specifically, tune in to the flow of traffic, the weather and the truck’s position while driving near it. Always have an escape route in case you must maneuver away from a commercial motor vehicle quickly.

Act quickly

When driving anywhere near a truck, skirt by it as quickly as possible. When you pass, do so near the shoulder of the road rather than close to the truck.

Keep your distance

If you do not have enough space to pass a truck, keep a following distance of at least five seconds until a gap opens up in your desired lane. By driving close to a truck, you put yourself and your vehicle at risk of harm and damage from a blown-out tire, sudden braking and swaying on windy days.

You do not have to become a trucking accident statistic. Put these tips in action to remain safe and unharmed on the road.