How can drowsy driving impact all drivers?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many drivers in Georgia admit to hitting the road without enough rest. This is drowsy driving and it can be riskier than you expect. Today, we will examine the potential impact one drowsy driver can have on those around them.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe drowsy driving is dangerous. It falls under the umbrella of distracted driving, along with drunk driving and texting while driving. These activities have a similar impact on the driver which may include:

       Difficulty concentrating

       Lowered fine motor control

       Decreased hand-eye coordination

       Inability to detect or react to danger

Drowsy driving can take your eyes from the road, your hands from the wheel and your mind from driving. This combination can set the stage for disaster if a driver is not careful. This is not even counting cases where an individual falls asleep at the wheel and becomes unable to react.

Not only that, but as far as distracted driving behaviors go, it is relatively unchecked. This is another component that makes it so dangerous. People often campaign against other forms of distracted driving. Drowsy driving, on the other hand, is almost considered socially acceptable. People understand that sometimes there is “no choice” but to drive without getting enough sleep. This creates an environment of sympathy which fosters the behavior. Other drivers see this and think they can get away with it as well.

Unfortunately, the more people there are who drive drowsy, the fewer injury-free incidents there will be. This is important for all drivers to understand if they wish to preserve roadway safety.