2 serious injuries people can suffer when they slip and then fall

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A slip-and-fall injury may not seem that serious. Compared to a fall from a significant elevation or down a flight of stairs, falling from a standing position to the floor may not seem as likely to cause major injuries. However, a review of personal injury statistics quickly makes it clear that people should not ignore or downplay the risk involved and losing one’s balance and falling unexpectedly.

People can and do suffer significant injuries and noteworthy property damage losses when they lose their balance and end up falling while in a public place. More than a million people every year end up in emergency rooms because of a slip-and-fall incident.

Reporting a slip and fall incident will make it easier for you to claim premises liability insurance or take the business to court later if necessary. The two injuries below are both good reasons to notify a business that you fell on their premises.

1. You could break a bone

A broken bone from a slip-and-fall could hurt so badly that you end up crying in public, or it may just produce nothing more than a dull ache.

If you have a stable fracture where the bone remains lined up in place, it may only be when you try to lift something heavy or experience blunt force trauma to the injured body part that you experience the pain and reduced strength commonly associated with fractures.

A broken bone from a slip-and-fall might mean missing weeks of work and could lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills even if the fracture is a simple one.

2. You could hurt your brain

Falls are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries in the United States. Depending on the severity of the injury and its location, it could cause symptoms ranging from a change in your personality to issues with vertigo.

Brain injuries often get worse when not diagnosed and treated quickly, which means you need to see a doctor shortly after falling if you want to avoid worsening symptoms.

Understanding the serious injuries that could result because of a slip-and-fall at a store or apartment building might help you take the steps necessary to pursue a premises liability claim after you fall.