A faulty airbag could end up causing a serious crash

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When you purchase a vehicle, you expect the safety equipment to work correctly. The last thing you’d ever imagine is an airbag deploying unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, a faulty airbag could end up causing a motor vehicle collision in which you’re badly hurt. In that case, you may need to seek compensation from the manufacturer, the dealership where you purchased the vehicle, a mechanic responsible for replacing an airbag or another party.

Some cars have faulty airbags, but they’re still on the roads

Did you know that some of the vehicles previously recalled for faulty airbags are still being driven on the roads today? In fact, many vehicles with Takata airbags, airbags known to degrade in the heat and humidity and explode upon activation, are still on the roads right now.

Why? With a worldwide recall, you’d think that all of those vehicles would have been repaired or replaced. Safety should come first, but not everyone has done what they needed to do to fix their vehicles.

Honda, for example, reports that only 89% of its vehicles with Takata airbags have been fixed. What about that other 11%? Some people have reported not knowing about the recall.

Any kind of vehicle defect is a problem, and those responsible need to be held liable

Whether you’re injured by a Takata airbag or you’re hurt because your airbag sensor was too sensitive and deployed the airbag unnecessarily, it is important for the manufacturer, dealerships and others to be investigated to determine who should be held responsible. You may be able to make a claim against these parties as well as others involved in the crash itself, like a driver who caused the crash that deployed a faulty airbag.

Driving around with a faulty airbag that has yet to deploy is like playing Russian roulette. There is a real risk that one could deploy while you’re driving, causing injuries that could maim or kill you.

If you’re injured in a crash due to a faulty airbag, don’t be afraid to speak out. You deserve the opportunity to seek fair compensation for everything you’ve been through.