3 reasons why truck braking systems malfunction

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Trucks and commercial vehicles carry out vital tasks each day not only in Georgia but across the country. Unfortunately, accidents involving trucks are not uncommon. 

Truck accidents are of particular significance because their sheer size and weight mean that collisions can often result in devastating injuries. At times, accidents occur due to negligence from a driver. However, this is not always the cause. Many truck accidents involve vehicle malfunctions. Malfunctions related to braking systems are among the leading causes of accidents involving mechanical failures. Outlined below are three reasons why truck braking systems malfunction. 


One frequent cause of overheating in braking systems is over-application. Over-application of brakes can result in an expansion of brake drums, which then causes other braking equipment to become out of alignment. When the braking systems in larger vehicles become out of adjustment, stopping power is significantly diminished.

Leaking air supplies 

The brakes in commercial vehicles typically rely on a steady air supply. Occasionally, the means of providing air to the brakes can be damaged, causing the air supply to be reduced. Braking systems with an inadequate air supply will tend not to work anywhere close to their full stopping capacity. 

Driving through mud or water 

Commercial vehicles do not always have the luxury of driving on pristine road surfaces. Driving through mud or water can reduce the amount of friction available when utilizing the brakes on a vehicle. The performance of braking systems may be impacted when the appropriate level of friction is not available. 

Recognizing some of the common causes of brake failures in trucks could be in your best interests. If you have been injured in an accident involving a truck, legal options may be available to you.