3 ways to document your car accident in Georgia

| Oct 21, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Unfortunately, car accidents are a fairly common occurrence in Georgia. Vehicle collisions can result in major or minor injuries and even fatalities. 

Those who have been involved in car accidents often have various options for pursuing compensation. However, claims can be problematic where there is a lack of evidence. As a result, it can be important to begin gathering your own evidence after a collision. Outlined below are three ways to document your car accident in Georgia. 

Obtain contact details for other drivers and witnesses 

If you have been in a collision with another vehicle, it can be vital to obtain contact and insurance details from the other driver. You could potentially ask politely for permission to see the driver’s license and take a photo for your records. 

File a police report 

Police reports are typically a key piece of evidence in any car accident liability case. Importantly, Georgia law requires motorists to file a police report for accidents that have resulted in property damage that exceeds $500, resulted in someone’s injuries or death or when required by insurance. Having a police report provides documented evidence of the circumstances surrounding your traffic accident. 

Take photographs of the scene and damage 

Appropriate pictures can offer greater insight for those who were not in attendance. One key aspect to keep in mind when taking photographs is the damage that has been done to property. Additionally, pictures that show any road debris or clues as to the weather may be useful. Photographic evidence of your injuries could bolster any future claim for legal compensation. 

If you have been injured in an accident in Georgia, know that there may be legal options available.