What are the texting and driving laws in Georgia?

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As a safe, responsible driver, you probably take every precaution when sharing the road with other motorists. Unfortunately, your actions can not always protect you from accidents when other drivers behave negligently.

Along with behaviors like speeding, failing to obey traffic signs, or driving under the influence, distracted driving can also cause major damage. Texting while driving is particularly dangerous, as it diminishes the driver’s attention and driving ability. The Georgia Department of Driver Services explains the state’s texting while driving laws, which all motorists must follow.

Laws regarding texting and driving

Drivers are not allowed to hold any sort of mobile device while operating a motor vehicle, with their hands or any other body part. They cannot read or write any kind of text-based messages while driving, whether they are text messages, emails, or other data. Drivers are also prohibited from taking or watching video footage while driving.

Possible penalties for breaking the law

A first conviction of texting while driving results in one point on the person’s driver’s license and a $50 fine. By the second conviction, the driver receives a $100 fine and two points on their license. Third and subsequent convictions incur three points and a $150 fine.

The court provides fines and points to drivers as a deterrent against future offenses. After receiving a certain number of points, motorists lose their driving privileges.

If you get into an accident with a distracted driver, contact the police immediately. Exchange information with other driver and contact your insurer to report the damage. Swift action ensures you receive justice for the other person’s negligent actions.