How can you spot road rage in another driver?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When driving, you may encounter another person that seems impatient or even tries to harm you or your vehicle.

Road rage is a serious concern for anyone on the road, and knowing the signs of a potentially dangerous driver can help you.

Gesturing and threatening

According to Psychology Today, road rage can manifest itself in screaming matches and someone gesturing rudely at you. If you see the other driver leaning out the window or even exiting the car in order to yell at you, take precautions to avoid interacting with him or her.

This person may also honk incessantly or even flash his or her high beams in order to annoy you. Turning on the radio and trying your best to stay calm can help you from reacting in a negative way.

Ignoring road rules

Failing to stop at red lights or stop signs is another common symptom of road rage. A driver may become so enraged that he or she does not follow basic safety rules, and often causes an accident due to this recklessness.

This person may even cut you off during a turn or drive into your lane on the highway, often without using turn signals.

Tailgating and speeding

If you notice another car swerving wildly or driving over curbs in order to follow you closely behind, this person may be tailgating you. Tailgating is when someone gets close enough to your bumper that you both could potentially get into an accident.

Dealing with road rage can be a dangerous and frustrating situation, but being aware of the signs of an aggressive driver is important.