Spinal cord injuries from vehicle accidents can cause paralysis

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Georgia motor vehicle accidents can cause spinal cord injuries that can cause paralysis on a partial or complete basis.

Car accidents can cause injury because of the force of stopped motion. This can damage the vertebrae, spinal cord and ligaments of the spine.

Injury severity defined

The Mayo Clinic defines spinal cord injuries as incomplete or complete, depending on how much or little control or feeling of the limbs there is. Incomplete injuries can vary based on how much control and feeling a person has. A complete injury refers to a complete loss of both motor function and sensory below the injury point.

Paraplegia can affect a part or all of the legs, pelvic organs or trunk, while quadriplegia affects everything below the neck. Depending on where the injury is, injured persons may experience a variety of symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing, movement losses, spasms, altered sensations, sexual function changes or pain.

Damaged vertebrae ramifications

The spinal cord often sustains damage due to vertebrae cutting it rather than the initial impact. The accident that dislocated the disk can send it into the spinal cord causing damage. These disks can also place pressure on the spinal cord preventing it from carrying signals throughout the body.

There are a variety of treatments available for spinal cord injuries, but the most effective must start immediately to reduce the effects over the long-term. Common treatments include rehabilitation therapy, medicines, surgery and stabilizing braces. The severity of the injury dictates the most effective treatment methods and the need for assistive devices in the near or long-term.