Car and dump truck collide on Georgia roadway

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Truck Accidents |

According to locals, motor vehicle accidents are a fairly common occurrence in the vicinity of Highway 204 in Savannah, Georgia. However, that does not mean that residents become inured to the troubling sights and sounds, nor to the frequent traffic delays due to road closures following a collision. 

The highway closed down for over two hours following a Monday afternoon crash between a dump truck and a sedan that sent both vehicles into a ditch. An eyewitness describes the dump truck turned over onto its side following the accident. Another local did not see it occur but heard the sound of the collision, saying that it resembled an explosion. 

EMS responded to the scene following the accident, along with law enforcement at the state and local levels. Both drivers received injuries that authorities describe as non-life-threatening but that nonetheless sent each to the hospital. Authorities report that each driver should be okay but have released no further details regarding the nature of the injuries. 

Locals who have witnessed collisions similar to this one say that speed is often a significant factor. However, it is not clear whether speed played a part in this particular crash. Authorities have stated that they believe the sedan was attempting to make a turn and pulled out in front of the dump truck. State law enforcement continues to investigate the accident. 

Though the expectation is that each driver will recover fully, it can be hard to predict what the long-term effects of a truck accident may be, particularly for the occupants of the other vehicle. Those injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle may find it helpful to contact an attorney.