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Maybe you’ve been in a car crash or were injured by a faulty product. At Cathey & Strain, we know that the damage from an accident can go far beyond broken bones. A sudden injury can pull the financial rug out from under you, leaving you with debt from the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Long-term healthcare expenses

Our compassionate lawyers advocate for you and can help you secure just settlements and compensation for your injuries and emotional distress. We have nearly four decades of experience representing clients who have been injured in many diverse cases, from carnival accidents and police chases, to prison injuries and airplane crashes.

If you were injured at work, we can not only refer you to someone who specializes in workers’ compensation claims, but also potentially assist you in filing suit against the company that made the faulty product or equipment involved in your injury. We have developed expertise in a range of legal issues including:

Automobile accidents. Split second decisions made behind the wheel of a car or motorcycle can result in devastating injuries that can affect your life for many years.

Medical malpractice. The Hippocratic Oath calls on doctors to first do no harm, but in fact, medical treatment designed to heal may sometimes result in injury, death or disability.

Product liability. If a product isn’t constructed properly it can malfunction or break, harming people who unsuspectingly put it to normal use. This could include anything from faulty seatbelts to unsafe toys to injuries involving industrial machinery or farm equipment.

Premises liability. Slip and fall accidents can occur on a sidewalk, inside a store or in an icy parking lot.

Wrongful death. A wrongful death caused by a careless or negligent act by another person can leave loved ones looking for answers.

We’re readily available to walk you through the confusing legal process and outline your options. Call us at 706-778-2601 to schedule a consultation. Our main office is in Cornelia, 65 miles north of the city. Our Decatur office conveniently located near the Decatur MARTA station.


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