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Firm Mission

It is our mission to provide the highest caliber legal representation available to those who have been injured or who have suffered damages as the result of the acts of others.  We are committed to excellence and strive to achieve this in all aspects of the practice of law.  We litigate each case with the highest level of diligence and skill.  The members of our professional support staff which includes paralegals and an investigator, have all been with the firm for over 30 years.  We listen to your needs and are mindful that a catastrophic injury or tragic loss encompasses many issues beyond simply litigating your case.  We are available to help solve the problems that arise for you and your family along the way that may be wholly unrelated to the litigation itself.

We have learned to put our clients’ needs first.  We provide support as well as advocacy after a serious injury or loved one’s death; and we will always seek to resolve the case in a manner that protects the client’s best interests, whether that means a settlement or a trial.  We are trial lawyers, and our passion is to go to court and obtain a verdict on your behalf; however, we are absolutely aware that, at all times, the real goal is to minimize the risk to the client while at the same time achieving the best possible result.  We take seriously the responsibility we have – that our client has one case and one chance to receive compensation.  We do not push our clients into a trial if that is not in their best interest.  We discuss the options and all possible creative solutions available, and work with the client to choose the best path toward resolution of his or her case.  Some of the options we explore are:  mediation, arbitration, hybrids of alternative dispute resolution (e.g. “med-arb”), high-low agreements, partial settlements with one of multiple defendants or a bench trial.  Zealous but compassionate representation is what we do best.  Honesty and integrity are the foundation of our firm’s practice.

After almost four decades of complex litigation and advocating for our clients throughout Georgia and the southeast, we fully understand that the attorney-client relationship is about trust and honesty.  You will find that we have an outstanding track record of success.  Our firm has won hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for deserving clients since 1974.  We are well-known to members of the Georgia Bar, Judges and independent organizations such as GTLA, AAJ, AIEG and the American College of Trial Lawyers.  We earned the respect of these individuals and groups because skill and integrity have long characterized our trial practice, and because we work hard to foster close contact and continuing relationships with our clients and their families.

We are not a volume practice and will not become one.  We do not take a case if we do not believe there will be a successful outcome.  We consult with, and retain, only the best experts in the country and do whatever is necessary for each particular case so that the right consultants and experts are on-board with our case-specific litigation strategy.  We enjoy success, of course, but we are truly driven by the pursuit of justice for our clients.  We value candor and honesty with our clients – even if that means telling them what they may not want to hear.  Because our clients pay no expenses, we have an investment of our own resources, as well as our time, energy and reputation in every case we handle.


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